Mel is leaning against a special rock found only in California.  It is called Californite.

Rough Rock for cutting, tumbling, and show pieces

small tumbling rock

Left and right of the lions are good samples of petrified wood. in the alcove there are tables which have samples of cut rock ready for your project.

The face of the store.  It contains the finished  materials seen in this web site.

Looking south east.  The large rocks in this picture are mostly petrified wood with some obsidian.

Collected at Eagle Rock

Measured in tons.  Large mixed rock

large rainbow obsidian

Two of these are not local rocks. Californite and Rose Quartz. They are pink and green.

Mica stone, (mica-quartz,) green and rose. 

Glass Butte Obsidian, mixed: gold sheen, black. mahogany with some rainbow.

large petrified wood

Canutts Gems

Mixed large rock

Looking northwest, petrified wood stands out.

Glass Butte Obsidian

Collected at Sheep Creek

Note the mahogany obsidian, black and red.

Select rock for cutting and cabbing.  

Mostly from Oregon, this is a variety of good to better rough rock.

Oregon agate, petrified wood and jasper.  Size small to several pounds.